BEFORE THE DAWN Release New Video for “The Dark”

Chart-cracking Finnish melodic death metal band BEFORE THE DAWN reveal third new single “The Dark”, together with an official music video! The band’s highly anticipated comeback record ‘Stormbringers’ is out this Friday, June 30, 2023 via Napalm Records.

“The Dark” catches instantly with an intense intro and – as with the whole album – a wild ride between calmer parts, intense growls and untamable death metal passages. After a 10-year hiatus, BEFORE THE DAWN are back stronger than ever, ready to introduce their new lineup on their new record ‘Stormbringers’, as well as on festival stages this summer! In autumn, fans will get the chance to catch the band on their European tour with WOLFHEART HINAYANA.

BEFORE THE DAWN on “The Dark”:

“’The Dark’ is the 3rd single from the new album and stands sturdy behind the title and is the most melancholic and melodic song from the whole album. Besides carrying a deep ‘autumn mood’ it also has all the main features of a classic BTD song. Heavy guitars, heart stabbing guitar melodies, thunderous bass drums and vocals that hits like a storm. The video footage is taken from the comeback show in Lahti, Finland on May 19, 2023. Since it will surely have a very special place in our hearts we wanted make some of that feeling and mood to live forever in a form of a video.”

BEFORE THE DAWN returns with their first new full length studio album since their hiatus – and stronger than ever! The band originated as Finnish Metal Award winning Tuomas Saukkonen’s (Wolfheart) solo project, but throughout the years, there have been several lineup changes.

With the exciting new lineup, the band introduces its biggest changes so far. Previous guitarist and vocalist Saukkonen has moved behind the drums, and talented Voice Of Finland 2022 finalist Paavo Laapotti has taken on all vocalist duties, while Swallow The Sun’s Juho Räihä – who has been with BEFORE THE DAWN since 2006 – performs lead guitar duties. Now, the Finns have fully transformed into their new power and are ready to reconquer the scene!

BEFORE THE DAWN on ‘Stormbringers’:

“’Stormbringers’ breaks a silence that lasted over 10 years and brings BEFORE THE DAWN back stronger than ever. A decade of gathering strength, growing the hunger and building determination and now it is time for our 8th album to see the light of the day and bring the band back on the road.”

Stormbringers sets off right away with first single “Destroyer”, and following track “Chains” lures the listener with stomping drums, heavy riffs and ever-changing clean vocals with deep growls. With ease, the album balances aggressive and raw death metal facets with haunting melancholy carried by Paavo Laapotti’s vocals and intense melodies. This can be witnessed on Downhearted” – a forward moving mid-tempo track spiced up with visceral growls illustrating the depths of darkness. Likewise, “Reveries” is a mighty hymn with incredible melodies and excellent guitar lines, while “Divided” enchants with a delicate intro mixing acoustic guitar and piano tunes that build up to a melodic wall of brutal sound. “Chaos Star” immediately draws the listener into an intense soundscape where intense death metal parts interfere with a melancholic, visceral melody and a passionate chorus showcasing Paavo Laapotti’s vocal skills, while “The Dark” catches instantly with an intense intro and – as with the whole album – a wild ride between calmer parts, intense growls and untamable death metal passages. With ‘Stormbringers’BEFORE THE DAWN prove that even after 10 years of absence, they haven’t lost a glimpse of their power and unleash a storm – paving their way to reconquer the scene!
‘Stormbringers’ Track List:
1.The Dawn
7.The Dark
8.Chaos Star
9.The Weight

‘Stormbringers’ will be available in the following formats:
=> 1-LP Colored Vinyl
=> 6-page Digisleeve
=> CD + Shirt Bundle
=> Digital Album