Beast Machine Releases “Now Look What You’ve Done” Single Today

“Our new single “Now Look What You’ve Done”, is a scathing comment on the opioid epidemic and is a blistering hard out metal track with a real hook to it.” – Josh Paish

BEAST MACHINE’s single “FROZEN” was released early this year to a very warm reception from critics and fans alike. 

Coming out of the East coast of Australia, BEAST MACHINE have seen a number of line up changes before settling on its tightest and most streamlined version as a duo.

The new material has morphed into a much heavier and intense sound, with Reg’s raspy aggressive vox over Paish’s blistering complex beats but still retaining hooks you can hold on to, but the real jewel in the BEAST MACHINE crown is the live show, it is beautiful insanity.

In the four short years BEAST MACHINE has been together, the band has released two E.P.s and a full length album independently, four video clip releases, toured the U.S. twice, secured a booking agent in L.A. and played venues such as the Whisky a Go Go.

BEAST MACHINE also secured a Dolphin Award for their single “TIME SLOWED DOWN” which also received commercial radio airplay on triple m, triple z and rebel fm.