Baroness March 26, 2019 at Metro Music Hall in Salt Lake City, Utah

Story and Photos by:
Austin Bowcutt

Baroness hit Metro Music Hall in Salt Lake City, Utah supporting their upcoming release of ​Gold & Grey​. A touring staple, Baroness has become a must-see band for Salt Lake City heavy metal fans.

The stage is set, the lights come down, and a palpable excitement fills the room. The crowd begins a fury of screams and applause in anticipation of what they are about to witness. Silhouettes on the frosted glass of the green room show the band in a huddle, cheering each other on before the mighty battle. The members of Baroness slowly trickle on stage, showing huge knowing grins of what’s to come. Finally frontman John Baizley takes center stage. An unnerving intensity can be seen in his eyes, Baizley screams at the crowd while waving his hands in the air casting a spell of excitement like a crazed sorcerer.

And then it begins……

The dissonant chords of “A HORSE CALLED GOLGOTHA” begin to ring and the mastery of Baroness is on display from the first notes played. The driving precision of Sebastian Thomson’s drumming fills the venue, while bassist Nick Jost lays down his intricate low end creating the perfect backbeat to complement the blistering guitars of Gina Gleason and John Baizley.

During the nearly hour and a half set, the band play their songs as if their souls are at stake. Giving it all, they play the heavy hitters that any fan would hope to hear (“Morningstar”, “Chlorine & Wine”, “March to the Sea”, “Wake Up”, “Shock Me”, “Isak”, “Take My Bones Away”).

One of the most anticipated moments of the night came when the band began to play “Borderlines.” It was released in early March, and is the first single off the upcoming album​ Gold & Grey​. It is a Baroness song at its core, but shows artistic growth and change within the band dynamic. This song shows that Gina Gleason is more than a hired gun. Having replaced Peter Adams, Gina shows that her vocal style and playing are perfect complements to Baizley. “Borderlines” has a classic rock feel with fuzzy tones on the guitars, funky bass lines, and odd time signatures with the drums make it a new pinnacle of future expectation for the band.

As the last chords rang out on “Take My Bones Away”, and the lights came up, there was a sense of a completed journey. Although I could have listened for hours more, I left with a sense of wonder and satisfaction.

Baroness will continue their spring tour through April 12.

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