AVATARIUM: Announce Concert Movie

Swedish doom metallers AVATARIUM have announced their concert movie “An Evening With Avatarium” recorded at their live show in Stockholm this January, it will be released on August 28th. The full show was filmed by five cameras at the legendary Nalen, and gives fans the chance to experience AVATARIUM’s live power despite the COVID-19 crisis.

Marcus comments: “This is a chance for the fans of AVATARIUM to see the concert we should have toured with in 2020. This film manages to capture the strong, energetic and warm vibe between the band and the audience that we felt on that particular night” 

The show was filmed by Blackbox and will be available as a downloadable concert via blackbox on August 28th. Edited by Magnus Stenvinkel and sound mixed by Victor Stenqvist. Fans will get a special downloadable DVD cover exclusively for this concert. So get your tickets for this live experience here: https://avatarium.solidtango.com

Every week the band will release a new video as a teaser for “An Evening With Avatarium” on Youtube. So check out the official AVATARIUM channel here: http://youtube.com/avatariumofficial

Watch the new video here: https://youtu.be/SmXHVr02-Ss

Order The Fire I Long For now: https://nblast.de/Avatarium-TheFire
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More on »The Fire I Long For«:
“Rubicon” OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO: www.youtube.com/watch?v=npPd5f0GZQo
“Voices” OFFICIAL VISUALIZER: www.youtube.com/watch?v=RZEB2jGLxdI
“Lay Me Down” OFFICIAL ACOUSTIC VIDEO:  www.youtube.com/watch?v=8HBmtpIedAw
Album Trailer #1 – “Rubicon”:
Album Trailer #2 – The 100-Year-Old Guitar:

The Fire I Long For – Track Listing:
01. Voices
02. Rubicon
03. Lay Me Down
04. Porcelain Skull
05. Shake That Demon
06. Great Beyond
07. The Fire I Long For
08. Epitaph Of Heroes
09. Stars They Move

Jennie-Ann Smith | Vocals
Marcus Jidell | Guitar
Andreas ‘Habo’ Johansson | Drums
Rickard Nilsson | Organ
Mats Rydström | Live Bass


Pre-order your copy of The Fire I Long For here: https://nblast.de/Avatarium-TheFire