Author & Musician Jeremy Wagner Releases New Edition of Acclaimed Novel, “The Armageddon Chord”, Today via Riverdale Avenue Books/Afraid Books

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“Wagner debuts with a highly entertaining blend…of heavy metal and hardcore horror…electrified by breakneck pacing, a cast of over-the-top characters and memorable lines…” – Publishers Weekly

Jeremy Wagner, founder of internationally acclaimed death metal band Broken Hope, wrote his first novel about the power of heavy metal and its horrific possibilities in the wrong hands. Almost a decade later, The Armageddon Chord is being republished through Riverdale Avenue Books’ Afraid imprint with a new cover and interior illustrations by artist Claudio Bergamin (Rabid HeartJudas Priest) and a new introduction that puts the genesis of the book in perspective. In addition to ebook and trade paperback editions out today, the book will be available in hardcover (May 9 release) and audio (summer release) for the first time soon.
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The horror novel follows the discovery of an ancient Egyptian hieroglyph that contains music so evil that it has the power to unleash the Apocalypse upon the world and grant immortality to the chosen who will reign with Satan.
Festus Baustone III, a multi-billionaire with a drive to crush anyone who defies him and a desire to live forever, will do anything to bring the Song of Sethis to life-even if it means sacrificing his own daughter and anyone else who stands in his way.
Kirk Vaisto, known as the “God of Guitar” by his millions of worldwide fans, is given an offer he can’t refuse. Caught between the forces of divine good and monumental evil, Kirk will find that there’s a powerful evil lurking in his very guitar strings as he transcribes the Song of Sethis for Festus Baustone and Helmut Hartkopff.
Turning Aknaseth’s hieroglyphics into music will be the first step into the abyss…
Kirk Vaisto sets off on a musical journey that takes him from an unholy chapter in ancient Egyptian history to the Holy Cross, to the concert stage and to the very edge of Hell itself as he gives the performance of a lifetime. Will it be immortality, annihilation and the Apocalypse, or salvation and deliverance from evil? All is at stake by Kirk Vaisto’s hand when he strikes The Armageddon Chord.
“I’m beyond delighted to see The Armageddon Chord get a proper re-release,” said author Jeremy Wagner. “Joining forces with Riverdale Avenue Books/Afraid is the best thing that could’ve happened for this novel. I can’t wait for new readers to get this in their hands for the first time, and for my longtime readers to experience all again in it’s bigger, badder, and apocalyptic glory!”
In 2011, Wagner released The Armageddon Chord to critical acclaim. Rolling Stone called the novel, “Pulp fiction at its breeziest best.”
Jeremy Wagner (Photo by Gene Ambo)
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Release date: May 2, 2019
Digital : 9781626014992
Paperback: 9781626015005
Hardback : 9781626015012
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