AUÐN and SÓLSTAFIR Nomimated for the Icelandic Music Awards 2021

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Black metal formation AUÐN and atmospheric rock titans SÓLSTAFIR have each earned coveted nominations during the 2021 the Icelandic Music Awards!

AUÐN‘s ‘Vökudraumsins fangi’ and SÓLSTAFIR‘s ‘Endless Twilight of Codependent Love’ have both been nominated in the category for Rock Album of the Year!

In addition, AUÐN scored a second nomination for the single “Eldborg” in the Rock Song of the Year category! The song can be heard HERE.

The winners will be announced on April 14. For more information on the Icelandic Music Awards, visit the website here.

Iceland’s AUĐN embraces their environment, capturing the loneliness and beauty of the barren breadths of icy, volcanic soil that defines the desolate landscape of their homeland. ‘Vökudraumsins fangi’ translates to “prisoner of the daydream,” referring to a perpetual state of delusion and the belief in a manufactured reality that never actually existed. The six piece’s distinguished brand of black metal captures an atmosphere of elegant darkness and spectacular melodies, and ‘Vökudraumsins fangi’ delivers a polished and contemporary side of the genre.

Stream, download, or order ‘Vökudraumsins fangi’ HERE.SÓLSTAFIR:
SÓLSTAFIR’s music penetrates the mind, body, and soul. One does not need to speak their Icelandic tongue to understand the spectrum of raw emotion evoked by every song. ‘Endless Twilight of Codependent Love’ further solidifies the Icelandic rock giants’ place as masters of their craft, delivering their signature elegance and the unbridled passion upon which they’ve built their career. While a clear evolution, SÓLSTAFIR also pays homage to their metallic roots. Much like the vast expanse of their homeland, the band once again embodies the ever-turning wheel of the four seasons with their shifting light and darkness.

Stream, download, or order ‘Endless Twilight of Codependent Love’ HERE.

For more on AUÐN, visit the band’s FACEBOOKBANDCAMP, and INSTAGRAM.

For more on SÓLSTAFIR, visit their official FACEBOOKTWITTERINSTAGRAM, and WEBSITE.