Attack of the Rising: To Release New Album, ‘Game Changer’


Los Angeles metal stalwarts ATTACK OF THE RISING have recently finished work on their newest album, Game Changer. Recorded at GailForce Studios and Skull Seven Studios with legendary Bill Metoyer at the helm, Game Changer will be out in the late Spring of 2021 via Weapon Records / Vanity Music Group, preceded by “a single or two,” according to guitarist and band co-founder Tony Lepre. 

The band started tracking drums as early as early summer 2019 after working on the material for what would become the new album for about two years.  And, in fact, second guitarist Billy Sablan (ex-Rude Awakening) and bassist, Michael Risucci joined while the album was being written. ““On the Horizon,” “Burning Daylight” and “Island of Seven Skulls” were demos I had sent to Michael and then he sent to Billy, in fact,” recalls Lepre.  So, those songs became a part of getting these guys into the band.” 

“I’ve known Bill Metoyer for some time and Chris and I originally discussed recording with him in summer of 2018,” says Tony. “After the first show with the current lineup, Jan 2019, I spoke to Bill (who was in attendance) and basically said something like, ok let’s fucking do this! He was smiling and said you tell me when. The band did mad pre-production rehearsals and wrote “Eyes Closed” and re-worked / arranged “Opus X” and “Voodoo”. We scheduled Chris to lay down drum tracks at GailForce studios Friday June 28th, 2019 and he had finished all ten songs down by that Sunday afternoon. It was very laid back, no pressure, and the best time ever recording according to Chris. Then we booked the rest of the tracking. I wanted Billy to play rhythm on this album as well as myself, to give it the live vibe and presence of what AOTR is with these guys in the band. I knew it was not the norm, but I wanted to give that and bring that. From mid-July through end of October the band put down their respective parts. It was all warm and smooth and no pressure to record with Bill Metoyer. It’s like hanging out with an old friend having fun. Throughout November, Mandrake came in and did his vocals. Effortless and mind-blowing process to experience. Bill started mixing at the end of December … then 2020 came. around. In August of 2020 Bill started mixing again and here we are. “

Mandrake – Lead vocals
Michael Risucci – Bass
Billy Sablan – Guitars
Tony Lepre – Guitars
Chris Lepre – Drums, percussion