Atreyu November 14th, 2019 @ The Complex, Salt Lake City, Utah

Barely into their first song of the night, “Time” the crowd was already jumping up and down.  Body surfers were plenty for Atreyu. I was in the photo pit keeping one eye on getting the shot and the other on the security guards who were helping protect us behind the barricade from those body surfers.  A good time started right now! Out on tour celebrating 20 years of the band, they showed no signs of wear. As a matter of fact, they were just as energized as any band on the bill.

It was a sellout crowd.  The room was packed and it felt like a sweatbox.  That sweatbox wasn’t holding any of us back from enjoying the show.  Alex, Dan, Travis, Marc, and Brandon brought their A-game and we needed to reciprocate.  This night Atreyu blasted through 21 songs from their seven-album catalog. There was not one misplaced song on the set.  As is with most shows, you saw parents who brought their kids. Some introducing their children to their first-ever concert.  Raise ’em right I say!

The interplay with each of the band members was just to cool.  Guitarist Dan Jacobs jumped between guitar to playing adding floor toms and singing as well.  He had a freshly cut mohawk. His guitar was taped up like a new version of Eddie Van Halen’s trademark black, white and red striped guitar.  It had been some time since I last listened to the band’s music. I was curious as to how they performed so I checked some live fan-recorded videos.  Atreyu killed it then and they killed it this night.  

Everyone leaving the venue that night were elated at the killer performance Atreyu put on this night!  Get out and see these guys, buy merch, support bands!

Setlist: “Time, Right Side, Ain’t Love Grand, Doomsday, My Fork, Exs and Ohs, Our Sick Story, The Theft, Blood Children, Bleeding Mascara, Demonology and Heartache, Crimson, Her Portrait, Bleeding is a Luxury, House of Gold, Bull, Falling Down, Blow, Five Vicodin, Untitled, Lip Gloss”