ARONIOUS Release New Single “Descent of Inanna”

New Album ‘Irkalla’ out August 12th via The Artisan Era

Wisconsin-based Prog-Death metal quintet ARONIOUS are back with a new full-length studio effort. The follow-up to their 2020 album ‘Perspicacity’, the band’s sophomore LP, ‘Irkalla’, will see an August 12th, 2022 release via The Artisan Era. To give fans a first taste of the new record, the band has released the first single, titled “Descent of Inanna”, along with a lyric video for the track that can be seen below.

‘Irkalla’ marks the return of founding guitarist Brandon Brown to the lineup – this time manning lead vocal duties, along with the addition of new drummer Kevin Paradis and session bassist Andrew Kim.


ARONIOUS – “Descent of Inanna” (Lyric Video)

Speaking about their new album, ‘Irkalla’, the band comments:

“Irkalla in Babylonian mythology is known as the underworld, which we found to be a fitting title for the dismal, dissonant, destructive, and technical sound of the music. The lyrical themes revolve around the arc of the ancient Sumerian epic, The Descent of Inanna, which calls attention to various correlated topics, such as the Sumerian Gods, their backstories, and Inanna’s odyssey to and from the underworld. This album is also the first to feature our new vocalist Brandon Brown, our new drummer Kevin Paradis and Andrew Kim on session bass.

Mixing was done by Nick Weyers and mastering was done by Marc Birr of Carp Town Studios. The songs you will hear on this album are for the most part about 4-6 years in the making, the oldest of which being the song ‘Negeltu’ which was written in 2016. These songs were originally intended to be used for Ryan Brumlic and Nick Weyers’ side project that was also named ‘Irkalla’, but since that project didn’t quite pan out, we figured that it sounded enough like Aronious to use as our next album. This worked out in our favor because the album ‘Irkalla’ really sounds like a more refined, intense and mature follow-up to the sound on our previous album ‘Perspicacity’. There’s no sugar coating it. We are confident this album will destroy you. Enjoy!”

Aronious - Irkalla _artwork_.jpg

‘Irkalla’ Tracklist:

1. Ananaki

2. Descent of Inanna

3. Nincubura

4. Ereshkigal

5. Enkidu

6. Elu Ultu Irkalla

7. Negeltu

8. Warkanum


Aronious is a technical dissonant death metal band originating from the coldest depths of Green Bay, Wisconsin. Rising from these depths, Aronious is comprised of Brandon Brown on vocals, Ryan Brumlic on guitar, Nick Weyers on guitar, Jason Bouwer on bass, and Kevin Paradis on drums. Brandon Brown is a founding member of the band and was actually initially our other guitarist, but had taken a break from Aronious during his move to Kentucky. After our previous vocalist (Zach Earley) recently left the band, it only made sense to bring Brandon Brown back to the fold as our vocalist after hearing his vocal work in his project Klexos. Ryan Brumlic guitarist and other founding members of the band continue to meticulously compose songs of a dissonant and technical nature along with guitarist Nick Weyers. The two have since proven to be an integral part of Aronious’ overall sound, and provide a strong foundation through their compositions together. Bassist Jason Bouwer is a fairly new band member that has shown he is more than capable of providing a sturdy backbone to the music rhythmically and sonically. His mindful ear and attention to detail when composing his bass parts truly adds a new flavor to our music that we are confident all our current and new fans will enjoy. Kevin Paradis serves as our new official drummer, whom we think fits our sound perfectly. Kevin’s tastefulness and skill behind the drum kit impressed us so much, not just in the way of speed, but in how he accents each beat and riff we throw his way. With this, we finally feel that Aronious has never had a more strong and promising future.

FFO: Spawn of Possession, Decrepit Birth, Decapitated, Meshuggah


Brandon Brown – Vocals

Ryan Brumlic – Guitar, Keyboard/Synth, Backing Vox

Nick Weyers – Guitar

Kevin Paradis – Drums

Andrew Kim – Session Bass



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