ANGUS McSIX Releases Single, + Music Video

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Debut Album, ‘ANGUS McSIX and the Sword of Power’, Out THIS FRIDAY April 21, 2023 via Napalm Records

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When a Hero rises anew, a Legend is born – ANGUS McSIX is back from the dead!

New Power Metal force ANGUS McSIX present their epic third single “Laser-Shooting Dinosaur” today, just in time for the release of the anticipated debut album, ‘ANGUS McSIX and the Sword of Power’, this Friday! The previous two singles have been extremely successful, with “Master of the Universe” already reaching more than a million views on YouTube alone, and some of the formats of the upcoming album already long gone.

Gasp in awe of the mightiest creature to roam the universe that devours any and all in its sight! Only legends tell tales of such monstrosities and the mythical powers they contain, but ANGUS McSIX and his “Laser-Shooting Dinosaur” are no fairy-tale story. Behold the laser missiles, blaster guns, and night scope of the mighty “Laser-Shooting Dinosaur” on the brand-new animated music video!

ANGUS McSIX on “Laser-Shooting Dinosaur”:

“Angus has ridden them all: Unicorns, eagles, dragons, you name it … but he needed something new, something exciting, something more powerful. It was time to let Tokyo, the ancient tech-capital of the world, develop him a LASER-SHOOTING DINOSAUR.“

Watch the Animated Music Video for “Laser-Shooting Dinosaur” HERE

After Prince Angus heroically died in one of the greatest battles in the history of man and goblinkind, all hope in Scotland and the whole galaxy seemed lost. In the Realm of Martyrs, everything faded away for Angus like a blurry dream from the distant past. But when he is suddenly reminded that his home is being threatened, the prince sets out to return to the world of the living.


The only way is through a portal in the depths of hell, sealed by the almighty sword Sixcalibur. When Angus draws the blade, he undergoes a fundamental upgrade and transforms into the golden hero ANGUS McSIX, escaping the clutches of the underworld! Willing to defeat his old adversary once again, Angus has no idea that he has just opened the gateway back to the world of the living to a much darker power: Archdemon Seebulon – the source of all evil.

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‘ANGUS McSIX and the Sword of Power’ Track List:

1.  Master of the Universe     

2.  Sixcalibur   

3.  Laser-Shooting Dinosaur   

4.  Amazons of Caledonia      

5.  Ride to Hell

6.  Starlord of the Sixtus Stellar System        

7.  The Vision in the Fires (Intro)       

8.  Eternal Warrior     

9.  The Key to Eternity

10.  In a Past Reality  

11.  Fireflies of Doom

12.  Just a Fool Will Play Tricks on Angus McSix (Bonus Track)        



‘ANGUS McSIX and the Sword of Power’ will be available in the following formats:

=> Deluxe Boxset (incl. 2-CD Digisleeve / pendant “SWORD” / Flag (100cm*70cm) / 4x signed Autograph Cards / Logo-Patch (15cm * 8cm)) (limited to 500 worldwide) – Napalm Records Shop exclusive

=> 1-LP Gatefold gold / blue marbled vinyl (limited to 300 worldwide) – Napalm Records Shop exclusive

=> Music Cassette black (limited to 100 worldwide) – Napalm Records Shop exclusive

=> 1-LP Gatefold vinyl Curacao transparent (limited to 300 worldwide) – EMP exclusive

=> Music Cassette blue (limited to 100 worldwide) – EMP exclusive

=> 1-LP Gatefold vinyl black

=> 2-CD Digisleeve

=> Digital Album

The first chapter of the warriors’ glorious return can be heard on the debut album, ‘ANGUS McSIX and the Sword of Power’.

While riding on the back of a Pegasus, head-bopping techno beats and synth-waves are abound on “Ride to Hell“. Driven by mighty harmonies and striking rhythms, Angus draws “Sixcalibur”, the Sword of Power, to open the sealed gate of hell. Catchy guitar solos underline the sword’s powerful capability of gaining higher levels each time an enemy is killed by its blade. “Master of the Universe” continues the epic adventure and marks the comeback of ANGUS McSIX as he returns from the abyss. Euphoric and energetic melodies mingle with his legendary powerful vocals.

The portal does lead Angus back to Scotland, but directly to the dawn of time. After the glorious warrior defeats an invasion of hellish “Fireflies of Doom”, the dwellers of the Holy Dwarven Empire of Dundee provide him the “Laser-Shooting Dinosaur”, set to music in the energetic and catchy party track, reminiscent of the good old 8-bit video game days. As the last hope for this world, Angus is now to ride to the northern islands of Stenness to discover the secret of his own destiny…

‘ANGUS McSIX and the Sword of Power’ marks the mighty return of Thomas Winkler to the world of glorious power metal hymns and chant-along party tracks. As the former face of Gloryhammer for over a decade, ANGUS McSIX took no time to pause, building up his name across genres borders as one of the best entertainers in the metal scene with several guest appearances on projects like Nanowar Of Steel’s “Valhalleluja” and Feuerschwanz’s “Warriors Of The World United”. With ANGUS McSIX, he and his new allies and enemies are now ready to fight the biggest battles of the universe!


w/ Feuerschwanz, Warkings

19.04.23 CH – Pratteln / Z7

20.04.23 DE – Frankfurt / Batschkapp

21.04.23 DE – Saarbrücken / Garage

22.04.23 DE – Stuttgart / Im Wizemann

23.04.23 DE – Heidelberg / Halle 02


Festivals 2023

09.06.23 NL – Leeuwarden / Into the Grave Festival 2023

17.06.23 DN – Copenhagen / Copenhell Festival 2023

05.07.23 DE – Ballenstedt / Rockharz 2023

13.07.23 DE – Neukirchen-Vluyn / DONG Open Air 2023

14.07.23 AT – Leoben / AREA 53

15.07.23 CZ – Vizovice / Masters of Rock 2023

05.08.23 DE – Wacken / Wacken Open Air 2023

12.08.23 ES – Villena / Leyendas del Rock 2023

09.10.23 ES – Mallorca / Full Metal Holiday


Angus McSix – Vocals

Seebulon – Guitar, Bass

Thalestris – Guitar

Skaw! – Drums

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