ANGUS McSIX Announces Final Band Lineup!

When a hero rises anew, a legend is born – ANGUS McSIX commence their quest!

Behold! A new force has gathered and after times of contemplation, the galaxy has chosen its masters: Thalestris, the Queen of the Lazer-Amazons of Caledonia, Skaw!, the Primordial Berserker from the North, and Prince Angus join forces to defeat Arch Demon Seebulon, the origin of all evil.

Together they form a power metal force stronger than anything mankind and goblinkind have ever witnessed: ANGUS McSIX. With the sword Sixcalibur that receives a level-up each time an enemy is slain by its blade, the fate of the universe now lies in the hands of these mighty heroes.

ANGUS McSIX states:

“Every stroke kills many trolls, some seven at one blow

Stronger force than anything we know

Mighty blade will never fail

All hail!”

Thalia Bellazecca (ex-Frozen Crown) rejoices with scintillating guitar-riffs as her character Thalestris, befitting her status as a Queen: trained to be the best of the best. With a body engraved in stone, Manu Lotter shows his potency as Skaw! The primordial berserker already drudged the drums in Rhapsody of Fire and Emil Bulls, and now returns to unleash his limitless rage on the drums in ANGUS McSIX.

Yet behold, for Orden Ogan mastermind Sebastian “Seeb” Levermann is Arch Demon Seebulon. With his powerful guitar, bass and production skills, he unleashes hell on Earth with no mercy. The future of the universe can now only be saved by the all-pervading vocals of Thomas Winkler (ex-Gloryhammer) as Prince Angus.

Together they forge new legends never heard before and fight their way to the top of the genre. All hail the new mighty metal alliance ANGUS McSIX – may the sword of power guide them on their quest to save the universe!


Angus McSix – Vocals

Seebulon – Guitar, Bass

Thalestris – Guitar

Skaw! – Drums 

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