AMORPHIS: Announce 30th Anniversary Stream From The North Side

AMORPHIS is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year. Due to the current situation, the band’s official anniversary tour has had to be postponed, but to cheer up their fans, AMORPHIS announced two live-stream shows on June 3rd and 4th 2020. Before the second show tonight, the band has revealed a short video clip to give fans an impression of the live stream.
Watch the video here:
AMORPHIS has received a lot of requests for live streaming, so we have now planned two different anniversary shows which will be streamed for the fans,” says the band’s guitarist and founding member Esa Holopainen. “No one knows how long this current situation will last, so these streams are probably the only AMORPHIS shows in the near future.”
The first stream is available now for purchase in its entirety now for 48 hours here:
Tickets for the second show tonight at 20.00 CET are available here:

The second stream is amied to home audiences in Finland, Europe, UK and Russia. Ticket buyers have the opportunity to watch the show again for 48 hours after the stream. In addition to the normal ticket, there will be a so-called support ticket that allows fans to support the band in the midst of a difficult situation. There will also be a special “Stream From The North Side” t-shirt design available that can only be purchased during the next
Thu June 4th 2020
Helsinki 21:00
Berlin 20:00
London 19:00
Moscow 21:00
Tokyo 03:00 (+ 1 day)

Ticket info: 


Listen to “Queen Of Time” here:
“The Bee”:
“Wrong Direction”:
“Amongst Stars”
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