Amberian Dawn : Looking For You

Amberian Dawn, a female fronted melodic metal band from Finland returns with their latest release Looking For You. The album notches in as the band’s eight studio album overall but fourth through Napalm Records.

Depending on the genre the ear favors the most, there’s varying elements musically throughout Looking For You though Amberian Dawn has been tapped with a variety of musical styles.

The first single, “United” and the title track would serve as a reliable indicator of the release that’s fronted by the powerful female voice of Capri Virkkunen.

Keyboard passages from Tuomas Seppala show a delicate balance throughout Looking For You. There’s also a ripping and soaring lead from guitarist Emil Pohjalainen on “Eternal Fire Burning” as one example.

What’s not expected is a guest vocal appearance from Fabio Lione (ex- Rhapsody of Fire). Lione joins Virkkunen in a majestic, vocally moving and upmost symphonic duet titled Symphony No.1 Part 3 – Awakening.” It’s a story within the song itself.

Seppala’s sole keyboard instrumental titled “Au Revoir” graces the latter part of Looking For You. At 2:03, the track is reminiscent of a film’s closing before light interrupt the cinema’s darkness.

The band steps back to 1980 with a cover of ABBA’s “Lay Your Love On Me”. The cover is a respectful presentation of the original.

Even though Amberian Dawn has a solid European foundation from playing respectable festivals, therefore the time now has come for the band to become familiar across the Atlantic. Amberian Dawn’s Looking For You is the ideal pathway to lead the band to North American shores. The journey begins on Friday, January 31, 2020 when Looking For You hits the North American streets.