Alter Bridge 2-18-20 @ The Depot in Salt Lake City, Utah

There have been few shows that have left me speechless but when Alter Bridge played The Depot in Salt Lake City, Utah on February 18, 2020, I left not only speechless but inspired.  Alter Bridge came into creation after Creed became inactive in 2003 and most of the band wanted to keep making music.  In 2004 Alter Bridge was formed with the addition of Myles Kennedy.  Alter Bridge has continued to stick to a style of music that defines them without giving in to the trends of the times. 

The evening opened up with Michigan natives Deepfall.  The band played a clean set that included songs from their album Broken as well as a surprise cover of “Separate Ways” by Journey.  They owned the stage and excited the crowd for what was to come.  As great as their performance on stage was their demeanor and kindness off stage was amazing.  They posed for selfies with fans at their merchandise booth, which you must see.  This booth rivals the best in the business.  I have to say I have never seen a cleaner or more professional merchandise booth than the Deepfall one.  Fight me on that one!

Up next was Clint Lowery of Sevendust.  Brutal Planet Magazine conducted an interview with Clint that you can hear at this location: Clint Lowery Interview. 
You can also see our review of that show here: Cint Lowery Show Review

On to the show, Salt Lake City had been waiting a few years now.  As the light’s dimmed, the signature elevator doors of the venue opened off stage and the band arrived backstage.  “Wouldn’t You Rather” opened the show as the introduction “One Life” faded.  Guitarist Mark Tremonti paraded in front of the cheering crowd while he played his guitar effortlessly.  Myles Kennedy took to the stage with sunglasses on his face and a guitar strapped to his back.  As the show continued so did the hits.  “Isolation,” “Come to Life,” and “Pay No Mind” spread the songs from clear back to 2007.  One of the many highlights came as Alter Bridge played “Broken Wings.” The song is far from the heaviest in their catalog but Myle’s voice sounds eerily Chris Cornell like in the mid-range of his voice.

The setlist was full of favorites for any Alter Bridge fan.  Bassist Brian Marshall bounced in unison with Mark as they moved back and forth on stage.  Then Mark took the vocal duties and sang the band’s hit “Burn It Down.”

Things slowed down as Myles took to the stage and did an acoustic version of “Watch Over You.”  The break didn’t last long as Alter Bridge climbed back into the melodic beast called “Blackbird.” 

The evening came to an end with the encore “God Speed” followed by “Addicted to Pain.” The show ended and my ears were feeling the high of hearing a voice mystifying but yet powerful.  A combination of Chris Cornell and Axel Rose in his prime are the visions left in my mind.  Mark’s guitar playing was amazing.  I will say this was my first time seeing Alter Bridge live.  I will also say it will not be my last time.  You can catch them live through the rest of February or in May when they hit the road again.