ACACIA RIDGE Premieres “Playing the Victim” Video at Knotfest Today!

Photo Credit: Zachary Phillippy
Watch here at Knotfest: “Playing the Victim”
“‘Playing the Victim’ and everything coming after it feels like the step forward we’ve always wanted to make with our music. It’s more aggressive, technical, and overall more catchy than anything we’ve done before, but it’s only the first of many. ‘Playing the Victim’ is just the tip of a very angry iceberg.” – Christian Mayfield, Vocalist
If there was ever a band that captured what it feels like to stand at the event horizon of a black hole, it’s Acacia Ridge. If there was ever a band that made you want to drive a 72’ Camaro through a brick wall just for the hell of it, it’s Acacia Ridge. If there was ever a band that captured the moment of agonizing adrenaline right before a tidal wave storms in, it could only be Acacia Ridge.
After the success of their first album, Watch Your Monarchs Fall, the band immediately turned their eyes to the future with the goal of creating heavier, more intricate, and overall better songs.
Enter “Playing the Victim”, the first of a long line of earth-scorching singles that promise to redefine what Acacia Ridge is capable of. Their new music features faster guitars, catchier vocals, and the kind of drums that rearrange the inside of your ears. Acacia Ridge isn’t here to “defy-genre”. They’re here to make some damn good rock music.
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“Playing the Victim” will be available on Spotify, Apple Music
and other major streaming platforms on April 15th.