2020’d Podcast, Hosted by Members of Symphonic Metal Collective LOST SYMPHONY, Announces Guests for Upcoming Episodes

Episode 39 Featuring Godsmack Drummer Shannon Larkin Available Tonight
Episodes Featuring Members of Pearl Jam, Steel Panther, Cradle of Filth, All That Remains, Steve Stevens and More Available Now
The 2020’d podcast, hosted by LOST SYMPHONY members’ Benny Goodman, Siobhán Cronin and Cory Paza, has lined up an exciting and diverse schedule of guests to close out the winter season, beginning tonight with Godsmack drummer Shannon Larkin.
The 2020’d podcast was started by this creative three-ring circus to provide a vehicle for their pent-up creativity during quarantine. The modern-day triumvirate called up some of their most interesting and successful friends, including recording artists, touring musicians, music industry experts, TV personalities, even a billionaire, and asked these friends to give us their take on current events as well as to share some of their wildest entertainment memories.
2020’d is a series of no-holds-barred discussions. chocked-full of insider information that explores the various paths that lead their highly successful guests to their unique lifestyles and prominence in the entertainment industry. As a team, Goodman, Cronin and Paza connect with their guests on an intellectual and emotional level, covering a wide range of topics resulting in a hilarious and informative discussions. Paramount in the podcasts is a healthy serving of rock n’ roll war stories that give you a peek behind the-curtain of the entertainment industry.
On Episode 16, “Dan Beck: Did Ozzy REALLY Bite the Head Off a Dove!?” music industry executive tells the legendary Ozzy Osbourne story as he experienced it. “I got the first call from that conference room,” he says. “My marketing staff was in the meeting…and they were a little uptight. Ozzy and Sharon…they just went in to bust chops, ya know? I still question whether it was just a theatrical trick, but everybody in the room, to this day, swears it was live.”
During Episode 20, “David Abbruzzese: Red Hot Chili Peppers and Magic Mushrooms” the former Pearl Jam drummer and LOST SYMPHONY contributor recalls the time he came to the aid of the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Chad Smith. “We had been on the road with the Chili Peppers for about 3-6 months at that point…there was one time I laid under Chad’s floor toms with a drum stick and played three songs. I played his kick drum part because his pedal broke,” Abbruzzese admits.
Guitarist Steve Stevens dishes on Billy Idol’s Rebel Yell album on Episode 29 “Steve Stevens: Rebel Yell Was Recorded on a $600 Guitar,” noting that “Billy [Idol] came from the whole punk-rock scene in London and we wanted to keep a basis of that aggressive guitar sound, a la [Sex] Pistols, Ramones, we didn’t want to lose that in what we were doing together.”
Meanwhile Steel Panther guitarist Satchel makes clear that he does not care what people think of his band on Episode 33 “Satchel: You’re Gonna F*cking Love This and If You Don’t I’m Gonna Kick You In The Balls.” “I personally don’t fucking care whether Nikki Sixx or Tommy Lee think that we’re a joke band,” Satchel says. “I would venture to say that out of five Steel Panther albums, we’ve got more great songs than they’ve got on their albums…We don’t take anything seriously and I think that’s a good way to live your life…‘cuz if you get too serious you turn in to fucking Nikki Sixx.”
New 2020’d episodes available are available every Sunday and Wednesday at 9 p.m. EDT. Visit https://lnk.to/yougot2020d to listen. 2020’d is Soundtalentmedia.com.
Episodes 1-26 have featured a diverse lineup up musicians, music and business executives and entertainment personalities, including guitarists Richard Shaw, Angel Vivaldi, Rusty Cooley Kelly Kereliuk, Steve Stevens and Steel Panther’s Satchel, drummers Jason Costa, Rodolfo Zuniga and Adam Gilbert, music industry professionals Jason Lekberg, Paul Geary and Dan Beck, DJ John Garabedian, reality star Cara Maria Sorbello and Paulie Calafiore, business executive Ernie Boch Jr., and filmmaker Drew Ann Rosenberg, in addition to Dan Beck, Dave Abruzzese and Stachel.
A full archive of previous episodes is available are available at www.2020-d.com/pages/archive.
Upcoming 2020’d guests:
February 10 – Shannon Larkin (Godsmack, The Apocalypse Blues Revival)
February 14 – Shannon Larkin (Godsmack, The Apocalypse Blues Revival)
February 17 – Jeff Schroeder (Big Brother, Daily Blast Live)
February 21 – Jeff Schroeder (Big Brother, Daily Blast Live)
February 24 – Shani Kimelman (Musician – Michael Jackson Cirqeu d Solie in Vegas)
February 28 – Dan Hartwell (Concert Promoter)
March 3 – Dan Hartwell (Concert Promoter)
March 7 – Alex Boylan (TV Personality, Producer, The Amazing Race)
March 10 – Alex Boylan (TV Personality, Producer, The Amazing Race)
March 14 – Ulrich Wild (Producer, Mixer, Engineer)
March 17 – Ulrich Wild (Producer, Mixer, Engineer)
March 21 – Paul Lourenco (Drummer, Lost Symphony)
March 24 – Paul Lourenco (Drummer, Lost Symphony)
March 28 – Amy Sciaretto (Publicist – Killswitch Engage, Falling In Reverse, Alice Cooper)
March 31 – Amy Sciaretto (Publicist – Killswitch Engage, Falling In Reverse, Alice Cooper)
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