1914 Re-Issue of Monumental Album ‘Eschatology of War’

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New Ukraine Support Shirt Merch Design Released

“We are not singing the songs, we are telling the stories!”


Since their formation in 2014, Ukrainian blackened death/doom metal visionaries 1914 have told the gruesome tales of World War I, charting this inexorable path through history with their guiding debut album, ‘Eschatology of War’ (2015). After a digital re-release in April 2021 and due to high demand, the album will now appear in various exciting physical fan editions this year via Napalm Records.

After 1914 had to cancel their summer festival shows due to the ongoing war in their home country, these new editions will hopefully serve as a glimpse of light for their fans, until the band will finally be able to bring their matchless intensity back to the stages again.

In addition to the reissues, 1914 has released a new Ukraine support “Onto Victory” shirt. The profits of the shirts will go to the band. Due to the current situation in Ukraine and as the band is currently not allowed to leave the country, 1914 had to cancel their All Quiet On The Western Front tour that was scheduled for April/May 2023.

1914 state:

“You can help us to win this war. Every sold t-shirt will be converted into a donation. Every donation will be converted into vehicles, helmets, armored plates, medicine and drones for our defenders. Let’s win this horrible war against dictatorship, fascism, tyranny and the cult of personality together!”


Dive into the intense world of 1914 and re-watch the video for “Zeppelin Raids” HERE

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Inspired by the madness of war, ‘Eschatology of War’ faces various events from the past, such as the Battles of Gallipoli and Verdun, the gas attack at Ypres, the Brusilovsky breakthrough, the Christmas truce and the bombing of London, just to name a few.

‘Eschatology of War’ starts with the genuine intro “War In”, delivering tunes of an old military march, which was played for men going to war. “Frozen in Trenches (Christmas Truce)” presents a harmonious idyll to the melody of popular Christmas carol “Silent Night”, as the blaze of gunfire breaks in shortly after, while harsh vocals attack to transport nothing but death and decay. The album’s longest song, “Ottoman Rise”, stirs up the atmosphere even more with heavy guitar lines, thunderous black metal drumming and deep screams of despair. 1914’s uncompromising achievement of combining old school death and black metal, spiced with the approach of sludge and doom, can’t be pigeonholed.

‘Eschatology of War’ Track List:

1. War In         

2. Gasmask      

3. Frozen in Trenches (Christmas Truce)

4. Verdun        

5. Caught in the Crossfire         

6. Zeppelin Raids          

7. Ottoman Rise           

8. Arditi

9. Battlefield    

10. War Out     

11. Gasmask (Eastern Front Remix By Solar Owl) / Bonus Track

12. Zeppelin Raids (Western front RMX by ✞ λ₴MѺÐ∆I ✞) / Bonus Track

‘Eschatology of War’ will be available in the following formats:



Album Cover Shirt & Digisleeve Bundle

6 PageDigisleeve CD Edition

2LP Gatefold in BLACK

1914 are:

9. Westpreußisches Infanterie-Regiment Nr. 176, Hptm. Ditmar Kumarberg – vocals

The 51st Highland Division, 1/9th Bn. 2Lt. Liam Fessen – guitar

307th Infantry Regiment, Capt. Walter Wyhovsky – guitar

Le 151e Regiment d’Infanterie, Cne. Armin d’Harcourt – bass

K.K. Landwehr-Infanterieregiment Lemberg Nr.19, Obltn. Rostislaw Potoplacht – drums

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